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by designspace | 16.04.14

During a meeting with two representatives from one of our favorite online platforms, L’ArcoBalenco, we got introduced to the design of Eli Chissick.

We got especially intrigued by the collection The Salarium, a series of saltshakers based on coins from different countries, a modern day twist on the evolution of currency.

Eli Chissick was born in London, and moved to Tel Aviv as a child in 1979. He studied product design at the Holon Institute of Technology, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in 2003. Today, after been awarded multiple times for his design, including the 2008 Opus Design Award, he lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Salary derives from the Middle English salaire, from the Latin word salarium, a payment made in salt(sal) or for salt, from salarius meaning pertaining to salt.

eli 5

Materials: Stainless steel. Dimensions: height 35 mm, diameter 60 mm.


eli 3


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