Shape, material and purpose by Nir Meiri

by designspace | 27.01.14

With a 30 minute drive from Tel Aviv, nearby a village called Vitkin, Israeli designer Nir Meiri awaits us outside of, what seems like his studio, an enormous industrial hangar.

Having known Nir now for a few years and have exhibited his work at the gallery, he has always been very precocious about his work; the materials he used and the story behind each object he creates. His wall of inspiration is meticulously and selectively composed of patchwork of images from various objects, interiors, materials and structures, giving us a taste of Nir Meiri’s working mind.

Nir’s objects are functional, nevertheless, very attached to a conceptual vision of nature, where often raw and wild materials are shaped into clean-cut forms. The designs are clean and harmonious while providing innovative ideas and enough freedom to the material expression.

Nir Meiri’s work has been exhibited at galleries and shows including Tiroche Gallery, Spazio Rossana Orlandi in 2012 and 2013 and at London design week, represented by the Mint gallery.

His upcoming exhibition will be in London is at the “19 Greek street” gallery. The concept of the show will be “forces of nature”.
It will be open from the 13.2.14, Nir will be showing a new version of 19 pots called – 19 clay pots  – and the Desert Storm (sand lamp) table lamps.

Studio views.

nir meiri

nir meiri 9


nir meiri 10

nir meiri 6

nir meiri 3

nir meiri 8

nir meiri 4

nir meiri 7




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