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by designspace | 16.01.14

Itai Bar-On is a graduate of the Industrial Design Department of the Shenkar College of Engineering Art and Design. We have worked with him in the past, from the gallery, to the design show, Fresh Paint 2013.
From the beginning, Itai was born into a generations long family business of construction, where each member had their own place. To incorporate his family roots into his graduation project, Itai presented his personal interpretation of the construction world, exploring the limits of concrete by placing the common material in a new context while stretching the acceptable boundaries of the matter.

Last week, we went to visit Itai in his studio, and for the first time, we saw a new collection made from something other than concrete, as the new design required a material much thinner and lighter.

He introduced us ‘Giza’, a pendant lighting collection based on a system of aluminum panels and a tapered wooden block. The varying angles and sizes of the block determine the volume of the light fixture as well as its different function and nature. The lightweight aluminum connects to the block leaving a thin slit of light breaking through.

Photographer: Yael Engelhart   _   Photos location: Pitsou Kedem Architects private house construction.

giza Fat Giza White Tall Giza White

Tall and Fat Giza White

Short Giza White Long Giza Black Detail

Special Edition_2

itay 2

Designer Itay Bar-On

itay10 copy

The Concrete tiles are hand-crafted with a unique technique, which provides conspicuousness to varied qualities of the cement.

itay 33


itay 22

The Bullet collection is a first collaboration between Studio Itai Bar-On and Tel-Aviv based designer Oded Webman.


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