Studio Appetit at Design Miami 2013 with “Elixir”

by designspace | 15.12.13

Driven by a profound passion for food and design, Ido Garini is always surprising us whether on the place he lives or with his new, up and coming projects.
Garini’s company, Studio Appetit, defines the process of using art and design to transform an object, ingredient, or experience into an appetizing sensation.

In other words, Ido and his team challenge people and food, by questioning the original concept through unorthodox installation, special service collection, and performance.

Since graduating from the Holon Institute of Technology, Garini’s Studio Appetit has already been featured in Milan Design Week, DMY Taste Festival Berlin, Dutch Design Week, and not to mention the Fresh Design fair here in Israel.

Design Miami brings together some of the best International talent to present their work under one roof, and even though we cannot attend the event this year, our love for this incredible forum stays strong; when Ido asked us if we would be there this year, we understood he was up to something!

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2013, a Design Collective called Inventory is hosting a multidisciplinary exhibit named TIME taking place in the Miami Design District and Studio Appetit presented a new concept called “Elixir – Drinking History”.

And here is the mysterious yet innovative story behind it.

elixir Studio Appetit4

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get a glimpse of a different era not through books or images, but by consuming
a piece of that history?  
Elixir is a world of potions that takes us back to different periods in human history, by evoking our subconscious
memory of scents and flavors. 

Potions have been an integral part of the human experience throughout time.
They were concocted for remedy, worship, magic, and bonding.

The Elixir potions explore food history and consist of a mix
of herbs, spices and fruits that bring to life tastes and flavors from long gone eras and cultures.
These ingredients are infused and consumed using the Elixir product collection, which was hand crafted using Glass, Wood and Leather.
The collection itself was designed as a-historical, providing a clean slate to experience the different worlds of taste.

elixir Studio Appetit10

Studio Appetit created 5 different settings (potions) inspired by 5 different eras, they are packed in hand made textile transparent pouches, dividing each element in a separate compartment allowing the users to identify each ingredient.

Potion No.1// 1557 b.C.//pharaohs
the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt the peak of an extraordinary civilization that lasted 5000 years
Dates, liquorice, raw cinnamon, Urtica, Silybum seeds.

Potion No.2// 27 b.c.// Imperium
Imperium Romanum. When the city of Rome ruled the known world & changed it forever.
olive leaves, figs, rose bulbs, cardamom, Emmer.

Potion No.3// 630 A.D.// ITZA
Mayan world. Maya is a state of awareness. Life of the spirit lives in harmony with the cosmos.
cacao nibs, raw vanilla, chili pepper, Aloysia, flor de muerta.

Potion No.4//1206 A.D.// Mongol
The great Mongolian empire  the largest contiguous land empire in human history.
Black Tea, Saffron, Cornflower-thistle.

Potion No.5// 1542 A.D.// FEAST
The Tudor Dynasty. A time of change in every aspect of  culture and life, discovering the new world
Apple, Almonds, honey,black raisin, gold berry, apricot,  curry tree, rose petal.

elixir Studio Appetit9

elixir Studio Appetit7

elixir Studio Appetit6

elixir Studio Appetit2

elixir Studio Appetit5

For further inquires:
Ido Garini – info@studioappetit.com

Project images – credit: Masha Bakker.

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ido 2

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