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by designspace | 15.09.13

Both industrial designers and 27 years old, Andrey and Shay met in Shenkar School of Engineering where they have cultivated their differences and enriched their complementary, as they were telling us “The two of us make one good industrial designer.” Young rising talent of Israeli design and freshly graduated earlier this year, they try to be at eye-level so as their products. Creating tension with basic subjects is fundamental to their approach, using materials that already exist on the market and re-working techniques that weigh down costs and make the production first-hand and on-site.

Mostly together, their friendship is the only reason that it works with no rules and trust on each other’s strength.

Where are you from?

Shay: Tel Aviv born and raised.
Andrey: I am from Ukraine and came to Tel Aviv when I was 12.

What is the most important thing to know about you?

We try to be at eye level, our products are the same. We don’t want to do things that are too sophisticated. We are a young studio, today we are not committing ourselves.

Do you have a studio?
We have a home studio; it is part of Andrey’s home. Half a home, half a studio, in Ramat Gan.

 It is a collapsible studio, we come in the morning and we unpack from boxes all of our equipment and then, when we finish, we wrap it back at the end of the day.

How did you both meet and start working together?
Shay: We were very different at the beginning. Our things were much different and I think each one of us saw his weakness as the other’s person strength.

Andrey: That’s right. We started with the regular school project we made together and it worked very well. The two of us make one good industrial designer. During the end of the third year, we start thinking about our future, doing our first leather collections together. That is actually how it all started. We had the material and the leather tools. We started to sell it and we understood it was working out, started our Etsy shop as andreyandshay.

Have you worked in/with a international platform or companies? Do you have any plans to?

We just started selling our things on Monoki, a German a commercial platform like Fancy. They sell big brand names like Norman Copenhagen or Hay. 
They were in contact with us. This is what we are trying to do; we are now sending design suggestion to other companies, we want them to produce our design. We really want to work abroad.

Is there any place or for someone you would wish to work with? Do you have any names for your collections and editions?
Our name of collections is the name of the object most of the time when it is a ruler it is a ruler. Straight forward. We have no editions.

By the way, if I can say it right now, I think we should start to think about it.

How do you start with a new concept? What excite you to start working on it?
It’s the method, the technique. Starting from a new technology, like the saltshaker: a new machine. We want to make things by ourselves. A more craft way, in order to show the development.

Plastic Salt Shaker mould

Is there any specific projects for which you fell satisfied and proud of?
Andrey: Maybe our saltshakers, it is a very nice product because we can easily make it and manufacture it.
Shay: Maybe our rulers.

What is a day like in the life of Shay and Andrey?

We start with coffee. We try to be as serious and professional as possible, we meet everyday at about 9am and organize our day, and chat a little bit. We make a plan and then we go by the list
. Half of the day is in front of the computer, taking care of professional software, Photoshop to edit pictures, operate our website.
We finish our day with a Hi5, saying “it was a good day”.

Andrey: We do all the work; we do the graphic design, the styling of the photo shoot, we are taking photos.
We do it all because we have a precise vision of what we want, kind of being freak control may be.

Where can we buy you design?
Andrey&shay.com or via email. They can always come to the studio.

What do you love the most about what you do?
Andrey: It doesn’t feel like work, it’s more fun, and I don’t feel I am am working, like a dream job.

Shay: I agree with him. It’s like a fun time we have in common.

After showing at Fresh Design fair, the first design fair in Tel Aviv, what did you get something out of it?
People know us more as a studio, we have been heard and seen, and it got us more mature. We also got to meet our fellow Israeli designers such as Asaf Weinbroom and Naama Hofman, and got to hang out with them.

We see you have a great sense of style, where do you get it from? Where do you buy?

Andrey: I think it’s from Shay, he sees a lot of fashion blogs and magazines, and I just follow him.

Shay: I try to wear basic things, and be someone that I want.

Is there any connections of your design, living or being in  Isreal?
I think Tel Aviv has a big influence, as a Tel Aviv lifestyle. Tel Aviv is cool, it’s a great place to be.

Do you get influence by any International designers? If yes, whom?
It changes every once in a few month. Right now, Industrial Facilities by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. Mass produced and everything they do gets iconic, with very simple shapes and they are very accurate.

Anything else in other fields?
Andrey: Maybe we will talk about the movie,  “Jiro dreams of sushi”.
Shay: It is a documentary film and all he does is sushi all his life.
 It’s very inspiring how much he likes his work. It is about excellence and being committed, trying to be the best in what you do.

What is your next project?
A pan.

Shay’s final project at Shenkar

Rulers project

Andrey’s final project at Shenkar


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