Ron Gilad: The Logical, the Ironic, and the Absurd

by designspace | 02.09.13

We always have been following the Israeli designer Ron Gilad and his two different trajectories from furniture items to sculptural objects; and this new group of works presented in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is documenting this interesting tension in an enigmatic, sometimes very poetic, way.

The opening shot that defined Gilad as a creator was taken in the exhibition New Post in 1999 at Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv, which followed upon his studies in the industrial design department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The first comprehensive exhibition of his works was presented at the Wright Gallery in Chicago in 2009, and two years ago he began exhibiting his works at Dilmos Gallery in Milan, where he has been living until now.

Finally showing again in Israel, we had a real pleasure visiting the exhibition, a narrow space which was divided into small rooms and actually gave the possibility to surprise and intrigue us in every corners with new works.

The exhibition showcases approximately 100 works that were mostly designed and produced in 2013 where Gilad divests objects of their original functions and transports them to new realms. His works consist of minimalist, modular structures “translated” into furniture items, alongside art making.

Gilad’s vision of design is translated as a form of amusement, provocation, in a state of constant movement, showing the process of questioning that he is going through, striving to create new images from familiar everyday objects.

Having a designer showing at the museum is always very interesting to us, and in that case, the curating is an important actor of the what and how we are going to discover an industrial designer inside an art Institution, and what added value we can get from it.

Gilad gives us a full circle of creativity, you have until December 28 to pass by!

Location: 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Herta and Paul Amir Building.

Curator: Meira Yagid Haimovici

Exhibition view.


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