New store in Tel Aviv: Papier

by designspace | 16.08.13

With a curated collection of papers and lifestyle products, Papier is one of the first one stop shops, focusing one specific theme.

Right in the heart of Tel Aviv city, in front of Rabin Square, Sharon Brunsher and Shiran Rockaway opened the store two month ago; stocking everything one would need to “feel creative”.

As a committed client, Sharon started to collaborate with the copy print shop Kwik Kopy next door. They meet their needs, ordering from each other printed-paper, packaging, cards, using leftovers to recycle, to create new sketchbook, small items of paper, and everything in between. All the products they are designing are made in Israel, apart from specific accessories they are buying from a very well known art store – Arta in Nahalat Benyamin – which is holding companies such as Faber Castell, Derwent, and other imported international brands.

Sharon Brunsher is a graduate of Tel Aviv Design Institute major in industrial design have been involved in the development of fashion and lifestyle product design in Israel for the last 15 years, and the American-Israeli co-founder Shiran Rockaway, a graphic designer from Shenkar’s graphic design section.

The store’s signature minimalistic style is similar to Sharon’s other shops, run with the same progressive approach and with the same attention to detail as the physical store space itself. It is having all kind of different items and a monochrome interior. As expected, the display is as functional as it is aesthetic with shelves, surfaces and drawers designed to accommodate all the presented items.

In the store you can find custom made ribbons, all sorts of paper, framed prints, stamps, masking tape, gift cards, wrapping paper, fragrances, candles, pillow cases, ink, recycled sketchbooks, and many other discoveries around paper.

Prices are up to 1800 shekel for a big framed printed works (80×130), between 30-90 shekels for wood stamps, ink and paper present box for 60 shekels, fragrance 120 shekels and basics and supplies little bottle for 40 shekels.

Papier, 1 David HaMelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv, 03-696 45 83 – Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 10:00 to 20:00 – Friday 10:00 to 15:00.


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  1. 01 Juliette Gold

    The styling is absolutely fabulous! I love the simplicity. I’m considering getting all of my artsy gear for next semster from them [:


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