Inside the mould

by designspace | 12.08.13

Studio Khan last project : Herzl Collection

Craft and craftsmanship are central to contemporary design. Based in Israel, all those designers are creating objects with a moulding / casting technique as a means of manufacture.

We are interested in the way designers think, develop ideas and often challenge the classic techniques coming from many years of research, hard work and development.

Being able to see the development of an object through its physical steps gives us a greater understanding of the way designers work.

In other words the process of making an object can be as significant as the finished product.

These objects makes more real an idea that will lead to a final piece, and is not made with the intention of being sold or shown outside the designer’s studio.

They hold a rare charm, a directness to the making that we wanted to share !

View from Rachel Boxnboim mould for Lumiere

Andrey and Shay – Black Ceramic Vase

Yulia Tsukerman – Sabras Collection

Galia Tammuz – Baladi Cups

Yaara Landau Katz – שיטה.תבנית.אוביקט




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