At Guggenheim with James Turrell

by designspace | 08.08.13

Recently, we had the chance to visit James Turrell’s exhibition at Guggenheim, in New York City. Although it is forbidden to photograph within the museum, carefully and discretely, we were able to capture the beautiful experience and share with you the interior design and ambiance of light patterns of the installation within the museum.

As the first exhibition of James Turrell in New York since 1980, the focus surrounds the artist’s groundbreaking explorations of perception, light, color, and space, with a special emphasis on the role of site specificity in his practice.

At the core of the exhibition, you will find Aten Reign (2013); a major new project that recasts the Guggenheim rotunda as an enormous volume, filled with shifting natural and artificial light. This installation, of James Turrell, is one of the most dramatic transformations of the museum ever conceived, in which highlights Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic architecture—its openness to nature, graceful curves, and magnificent sense of space. Letting the visitors experience the rotunda from above to below, Aten Reign gives form to the air and light occupying the museum’s central void and creating an entirely new atmosphere of the building.

Throughout the working process, Turrell kept his work a secret and the curators of the exhibition were curious and apprehensive of what the result would be. In the end, he compiled the use of natural and artificial light to engage the viewers with their surroundings and enhance the natural design and architecture of the building.

Organized in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, James Turrell comprises one of three of major Turrell exhibitions spanning the United States during All summer 2013.

Here is a video showing other works from the artist’s career, the making of at the Guggenheim, and meeting the curators.

Thank you to the talented photographer Deborah Shahar.


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