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by designspace | 01.05.13

As two curious lovers of Design and Fashion, we always enjoy a little visit to ‘Merci’, a 16,000sf concept store “not like the others”.

Bernard and Marie France Cohen, founders of the children’s fashion label, Bonpoint, opened in 2009 ‘Merci’ in the district of the Marais in Paris; presenting vintage furniture, multiple clothing lines as well as design furniture, a flower shop as well as a restaurant and a coffee shop, where you can peacefully sip your coffee while browse in the library of magazine and art books.

In other words, ‘Merci’ covers all aesthetic grounds.

Additionally from being a concept store, ‘Merci’ always features outside projects, keeps up with interesting Design exhibition, and collaborates with inspiring people in the industry.
We always take pleasure in those stores who takes an artistic approach to design their stores and make sure to keep it interesting by changing their display on a regular basis, which makes us always keen to come back.
Aside from the pleasure and variety of beautiful things, ‘Merci’ is also the first ” charity store” in France; its proceeds go to the ‘Endowment Fund’ a charity association funding educational projects in Madagascar.

All in all, we wanted to share with you the good news, ‘Merci’ has finally opened an Online store. So all Telavivan’s can now purchase design products, interior decoration and fashion clothing lines that we could previously enjoy only on a trip to Paris.


The Fiat 500 is Merci’s Mascot (and logo), dressed with tons of stuff on top. The Mascot’s attire usually changes depending on the season, theme, and trend.


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