Undoing by Moshe Roas

by designspace | 24.04.13

Working on the Greenhouse of Fresh Design, we heard about this new designer and had the pleasure in meeting with him last saturday at his new exhibition at Periscope Gallery. Something that always challenges us, in design, is design art, where the products are not necessarily functional but beautiful to look at.

Moshe Roas, a graduate of Textile Design Department at Shenkar College, creates his work from layers of etchings and burns in fabric and metal that begin from different stages of annihilation and disintegration. His first solo exhibition examines textiles as a space of time and memory, attached to the human body, history, and culture.

Periscope Gallery is one of the first design galleries in Israel, founded and owned by Sary Paran in 1997, as a non-profit association for the purpose of showing contemporary Israeli design. The gallery has made a point of broadening the term “design” by stretching its’ boundaries, holding conceptual and experimental exhibitions, and providing platforms for different aspects of design.

Curator Irena Gordon. Periscope gallery, 176 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv

Exhibition view

“Roas’ gentle, live drawing is born into the bedding and evolves away from inside, as a force working with the unraveling of the material.

The drawing reacts to the occurrences and continues them, both present and merging. It unstitches and weaves as it passes from the fabric to the wall, to the metal and back to the wall. Sometimes Roas recaptures the drawing inside an asphalt covered metal board. He draws and opens curving paths, and then etches the board and leaves it thus, without cleaning the asphalt and passing the image from the board to the paper using a printing press, as is common in the etching technique. Thus, the metal plate is left in its blackness and darkness, like a black mirror, reflecting the wild, mysterious forces working in culture.

The spectator, trapped inside the fictional space Roas weaves, finds himself flung between flashes of memory and its insistent erasure, between a corporal and substantial presence of time, and its uninhibited evaporation. The artist undoes the material, and drops the mutually possessed body and consciousness into a carousel of beauty and destruction.”

Heat pressing and welding on sponge, 64 x 94.

“Roas challenges the appearance of things, and penetrates into their hidden layers, be they fabric metal or sponge. he breaks their completeness, exposes their boundaries, peels their surface. This undoing allows him to invent the stories of imagined culture and history.”


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