Textile walls by Wies

by designspace | 20.03.13

Freshly graduated from the Textile Design Department of the Royal Academy of Arts (in the Hague) in 2012, the talented Wies Preijde took our breath away. She derives her inspiration from rhythmic patterns, textures, shapes encountered in everyday life or from architecture. She then links these to the techniques used to make the textiles.

The installation called Tegendraads consists of various hand-woven walls, which together, affects our perspectives in space. A combination of lines, colors, views and passageways gives the observer the idea of walking through a transparent home.

Very often when we meet talented textile designers in Israel, we always wonder how they can express themselves in the industrial design industry without loosing their main interest and creativity.

Wies created this imaginary environments and passages, proving that textile can be a wall, a window, a door – or anything you just have in mind.

Book design by Niels Berk for Wies.

“The textile walls make the existing space divisible, but also create optical transparency and spaciousness by the experience in perspective.” Wies says, “Through a combination of lines, color, views and passageways the spectator the idea of a transparent walking home.”




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