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by designspace | 10.03.13

Who: Shlomit Bauman

What: Israeli Ceramic designer, video art, mural design. Her work has been selected in few museum collections.
Teacher at Parsons, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Technion, Hit Holon Institure and curator.
Prizes: Professional and public activities as a manager of the ceramic artsits association of Israel, trustee of Benyamini contemporary ceramic center.

Bauman turned a variety of everyday objects into moulds.
“The broken appearance is a result of the different shrinkage characteristics of the materials,” she explained. “But for me, it symbolises the distortion of the process of trying to mix two different cultures together.” Bauman is working on her solo exhibition currently, we’ll keep you informed.

This body of work is made from S5 (an extinct kind of Israeli local clay) with Porcelain (the trendy, noble and global kind of clay).


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