Whimsical newcomer, Bethan Laura Wood

by designspace | 19.02.13

Bethan Laura Wood has all the makings of a future design superstar: an eccentric London look, prestigious outlets and an impressive background. She first earned a Bachelor with Honours Degree in Three-Dimensional Design from the University of Brighton in 2006. She continued her education in 2009 at the Royal College of Art, where she studied under the tuition of Jurgen Bey and Martino Gamper in the Design Product department.

By re-contextualizing elements from existing, everyday objects, combined with research into the constituent elements of a modern city, Bethan creates new products which rediscover, explore and celebrate different attributes and aspects of the “mundane”. Her work often focuses on the pattern, colouration and patination of objects, the result of the making process and subsequent traces of usage. Locality has also become an important factor in her design process, often working in response to the area in which she resides. Be it collaborating directly with local manufacturing, or reflecting elements particular to that area within the work.

Bethan is fascinated by the connections we make with the objects that surround us and, as a collector herself, likes to explore what drives people to hold onto a particular object yet discard another.

Soft Rock – Repeat

BETHAN LAURA WOOD photographed by ANDREAS LARSSON for PIN-UP Magazine #10
Pattern: Soft Wood-particle repeat from the series super fake. 2011 and Particle-Jewellery and Soft Rock scarf

PLAY TIME – “Spaghetti Junction” – image by Ruy Teixeira

A collection of inter-stacking tables that explore the balance between elegance and play, with the method of construction and the hand skills of talented craftsmen forming a vital role in the overall aesthetic.

PARTICLE is an extension of Bethan’s SUPER FAKE series. With this new series she has continued to use laminates as the main surface fabric of the design, this time sourcing a wide range of faux wood-laminate variations, kindly donated by Abet Laminati. Bethan has re-appropriated the wood laminates to create a new pattern inspired by particleboard (OSB Board), a material that is often considered low quality and mundane, transforming it into a surface pattern that is ‘original’ and eye-catching.
The pattern has been developed so as to facilitate the use of various sized off-cuts and samples. The laminate is interwoven, much like a patchwork, a jigsaw, or more traditional marquetry surfaces.
Instead of containing ‘imported goods’, these laminated ‘crates’ have been designed to hold glass or foam components, which dictate each units’ function. The foam inserts have been upholstered with a bespoke knit fabric, the pattern being a further re-interpretation of the foam itself, made in collaboration with GIANNINA CAPITANI.

PARTICLE is sponsored by Abet Laminati



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