Activists and workers from the west

by designspace | 17.02.13

Ivonne Dippmann is an artist that we follow for a long time, after having completed her Master at Bezalel, she lives between Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Ivonne wanders between all artistic disciplines without seeing borders and embodies all kinds of character at the same time. From writing, drawing, performing, creating only on-site works make her everywhere and nowhere in the same time.

Her perpetual work is impressive, we always feel challenge by her ability to create her own narratives merging fantasy and reality.

Aktivisten und Westarbeiter is a solo show first exhibited in the Westwerk and was actually one piece. She worked in the site for 10 days and developed everything there, until all her works are site specific. The show traveled to Berlin “Aktivisten und Westarbeiter 2” and adjusted it to the space. The show in Berlin will be up from 01.03.13 – 01.04.13 at Gallery nichtsalsgespenster in Berlin.

Born in Karl-Marx-Stadt Ivonne Dippmann knows the experience of the impermanence of a country, her birthplace is now called Chemnitz.

And the imagination, which a fresco is built on, is permanence. In fact, from time to time ancient murals are being discovered, that survived the period unscathed, but only because they were protected or hidden, deprived to the human access. But Dippmann’s frescoes are designed in a consciousness that they will only be preserved for the duration of an exhibition.

Society as it stands today signifies change and at worst destruction.

Dippmann’s drawings allude to the injury caused to the individual. The human figures shown are the disabled. Not one piece can be described as fully complete, each one is limited in their physicality in its own way, as the destruction of their social background have been drawn into them.

Where landscape would be, in the background then, is chaos. Because landscape would be the orderly coexistence of natural things, but the violence against people as well destroys their environment.



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