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by designspace | 12.02.13

We were reading an article on Deezen where Joseph Grima (editor of Domus magazine) explained how technological revolutions are causing a “cultural revolution”, in another way he is exploring the impact of digital networks and open-source thinking on the design world.

This led us to another thought about knowledge and its freedom, how human skills and “savoir-faire” are already lost because of privatization in the design industry and how a shame it is. In the case of Eran Gal Or, the open-source thinking shows how we can protect knowledge and progress within technology.

After finishing his Industrial Design degree, Eran built with his own hands a 3D printer capable of printing ceramic materials such as porcelain, glass and silica. It is providing rapid prototyping and three-dimensional printing. And its particularity is its size, it is the the biggest ceramic 3D printer in the world (printing-envelope 80x80x80cm) that produces complex ceramic forms with interior cavities and hinges, in multiple colors and transparent materials.

The 3D Ceramics Printing Lab is a design studio located in the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) – the members being Eran Gal-Or, Omer Marzel and Liat Akerman, all graduates of the Institute majoring in Industrial Design.

Named as a lab, those three designers want to develop the machine and the 3D printing technology for ceramics,currently employed only in 5 systems worldwide, and understand better its capacity; from speed control, materials available for use, to density, and most importantly its limitations. Once you learned the technology, the possibilities are endless within specific boundaries and rules.

Inhabiting the space between the traditional ceramic world and today’s advanced technology, visiting the lab in the coming months, one would find multi-colored ceramic printing (bicomponent), dishes incorporating ceramics and other materials in the same printing and other surprising things.

Projects they were and will be part of : Unfold Design Studio project : Stratigraphic Porcelain (Istanbul Design Biennial), the Alfred Museum in New York and in this summer also in the Ceramics Biennale in the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

Ceramic 3D printer in action !

The oven

Object produced by Eran Gal-Or for the Istanbul Design Biennial.


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