“I want the whole world to be in it”

by designspace | 10.02.13

Having several projects at the same time always takes us into new worlds that we have never explored. In this case, we enter into the catering industry, headed by Art and Cuisine. Very soon a new bar restaurant will open in Tel Aviv (Levontin area) that we will design from floor to ceiling.

We are working on this project as if we were curating an exhibition by creating installations/collaborations between different artists and designers, mixing our knowledge to new territories. And most of all, keeping this idea of ​​experience when you pass through the door.

And what better project to inspire us!

The triple dream of launching a “lieu” or destination place, for food, art and music has been realized by Mourad “Momo” Mazouz and his team of chefs and designers over two expansive floors of a converted 18th century building in Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. Conceived by Mazouz and French master chef Pierre Gagnaire, sketch is a complex and unique site where the chef culinary genius has inspired the menus.

To mark their 10th anniversary of sketch, Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed transformed the Gallery restaurant in the first of a new long-term program of artist-designed restaurants for the venue. Through a series of new works both functional and decorative, Creed created an environment that is at once as an exhibition, an artwork, and a restaurant. Exemplary of the logical and welcoming systems that recur throughout his work, the floor, walls and furniture take the form of new artworks inspired by the boundaries of art and functionality.

Martin Creed is one of the foremost contemporary artists in the UK today. Based in London, he is internationally acclaimed for working across a multitude of disciplines including installation, sculpture, music, dance and film.

We always ask ourselves where is the boundary between art and design, what we can do and what we cannot. It seems here that everything is possible.

Work No. 1347 (the floor) consists of 96 different types of marble, in a formation of zigzagging lines across the floor, while Work No. 1343 is a new work specially made for the restaurant in which every single piece of cutlery, glassware, lamp, chair and table is different.

This work brings together a mix of the mass produced and handcrafted, from classic antiques to contemporary design from around the world. Four different wall drawings are overlaid by 18 paintings by Creed, including the series of four canvases Work No. 1100 (2011).


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