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by designspace | 08.02.13

We ride most of the year in Tel Aviv, as we were passing by Rabin Square we discovered this new bicycle store and workshop called One Bike Studio, located on Frishman street.

Specialized in the sale of high-end bikes (traditional, foldable, beach cruisers and of course fixed gear/single-speed) for city use, One Bike Studio sells advanced custom-built bikes but also old (and restored) models; offering as well a stunning array of colors and designs, many extra parts, like handle-bar grips and saddles on gorgeous multi-colored displays.

As the owner Yuval Davidov said, his bike shop is for people who want a little more for their bikes, a little more color, a little more chic and a lot more unique.

One Bike studio clearly aim at forging closer relationship with clients by understanding better the type of riding people want to do and building a bike to fit their need. The small bike shop has its workshop on the first floor and you can be involved in the entire process. If money is no object, you can have them custom-build for you. And we are not sure it can get more colorful than that.

International Brands you can find there: Spurcycle, Bookman, San Marco, Ass Savers, Brooks, Gotham Lab. Range price: from 1400 shekels to 5500 shekels for a bike (personal custom-build may be more expensive). Handle-bar grips 70 shekels, special wheels 2800 shekels.

75 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv. Sun-Thur : 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Fri: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.




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    Possibly the best shop in Tel-Aviv!


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