Le temps de rien | Time for Nothing

by designspace | 31.01.13

Michel Baquie, Untitled, (1985) / Metal, offset printing plates, 310x325x55cm.

Four days in Paris is never enough, especially when you go with appointments from morning to night. One of them was at the Palais de Tokyo that was closed for more than six months, and just reopen. We took full advantage of it…

In 2012, after a second phase of renovation, the Palais de Tokyo became one of the largest sites devoted to contemporary art in Europe, its surface area rising from 8,000 sq. m. to 22,000 sq. m.

Under the leadership of Jean De Loisy, the Palais de Tokyo is now widening its remit to serve the french scene showing it in an international context.With an opportunity to rethink the role of cultural institutions in view of the permanent speeding up of our lives, it becomes a place where we can come face to face with the art of our time.

Tokyo eat. We ordered :

Before : oeuf dur/mayo jaune, pousses d’epinard, carpaccio de betteraves multicolor | During : Poulet au caramel, daurade a la plancha, belle cote de boeuf pour 2 | After : mont blanc, Paris-Brest, poire pochee | After all : cerises a l’eau de vie.

Best magazines !! ; 100-sqm Bookstore. Contemporary art, essays on art, architecture, design, art, fashion, photography, children books.

for work

for personal life

Markus Schinwald “Overture”, Photo : Andre Morin

On going exhibition : IMAGINE THE IMAGINARY

As close as possible to the artist’s thinking, as close as possible to creation as it is taking shape, in the very wake of the invention of the artwork… the new season at the Palais de Tokyo, Imagine the Imaginary, brings together artists from different generations whose works demonstrate and sometimes describe the processes involved in their development.From the artist’s thinking to what the viewer introduces there are a thousand possible routes, all different from one another. Imagine the Imaginary draws up a moving, non-exhaustive mapping of that elasticity of art in construction.

Fabrice Hyber, “Matières Premières”.Photo : Didier Plowy.

Damir Očko “The Kingdom of Glottis”Photo : André Morin.




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