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by designspace | 29.01.13

“Inflatable Animal lamps” by Shira Keret

We dream of what tomorrow will bring ; materials, talents, lifestyles, trends…. but we can’t put aside the process behind those objects. Making something by hands takes time, and the essential dimension of Shira Keret work is its hand-made quality; making the object delicate, the hand work visible and embraced. Then, each creation is a new path to explore.

These pictures show the discipline that design requires with the meticulous sculpt of dummy and patterns. As design space, we assist and advise designers with whom we work,  the processus is one of the most challenging and important step of creation.

Beautifully designed, consciously made, Shira presented The ghost chicken coop at time 02.1 (‘Fervency’) exhibition in Jerusalem.

We exhibited this collection at our concept store F.A.D

Inflatable Animal lamps’ is a project where I tried to see how one can give more implications to the concept of turning on and off. When pressing the lamp’s switch it also operates a computer’s fan. Once the lamp is lit the lamp shade is inflating and takes on its shape, a bit like a hot air balloon, the lamp is “alive”. When turned off it goes out and loses its volume slowly.


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