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Credit @ Artist Lior Yurfest, מטרו, 2011

We actually became Tel Avivian 7 years ago, coming from Belgium and France,
we met here in Israel and started working together two years ago. Since we moved from our gallery ( in Elifelet St. 26, south Tel Aviv), we became vagabond.
Not in the wrong way… Quite the contrary actually. It gives us the opportunity to explore the city every time from a different perspective. For each exhibition/project, we create an interesting tension between a chosen space and the exhibitor.
This is a difficult task, but it becomes a permanent connector between the city and us.

Tel Aviv is very different from where we are coming from obviously, but when you think of the big picture,
it seems very complementary ;
s : On one side, we are influenced by academic rules, classical European standards ,other inspirations from abroad, and our own methodology that we have developed; on the other side,  we have great opportunities to produce and create in Tel Aviv, a young yet conflicted city, ever growing and changing, a mix of different cultures, a place where you are challenged.

e : I think Tel Aviv is going through many transformations so fast,  we always need to be active and aware,  we are very lucky to be freelance and coming from a mix of different fields,  we are being able to take part in projects that deals with different media, and keep on the Tel Aviv energy.

Our blog is a collection of our everyday research, inspired from places we are seeing,  people we are meeting, beautiful pictures, exhibitions, anything that basically made us pause and reflect.

Photo by Yael Engelhart



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    Very cool building!


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